Lex-Plan 2013


achieve-img01.jpgThe Achieve Section of “The Lex-Plan 2013” builds upon the previous chapters by describing the various plan elements that will be used to manage future growth and development. Using the vision, goals, objectives and policies previously established, this section will help readers understand how and where Lexington will grow as the result of the community’s future vision. Managing and guiding future change can be accomplished in many ways, with varying degrees of public and private influence. This chapter aims to develop an understanding that provides appropriate public guidance that encourages and facilitates intelligent and sustainable growth patterns with enough flexibility to allow the market to fluctuate and respond to its changing demands and influences.

The process of achieving the shared vision for the community depends upon the realization of several components. Each component, by itself, represents and identifies improvements or changes that will differentiate Lexington in twenty years. The various components can be separated based upon the following ideas:

Future Land Use
Urban Design
Parks & Recreation Plan
Transportation Plan