Lex-Plan 2013


The City of Lexington committed to a process to update its Comprehensive Plan into “The Lex-Plan 2013” that will describe and guide the future development of the city and identify land uses in the designated growth areas within Lexington’s extraterritorial jurisdiction. The process of preparing this comprehensive plan update and land use designations for the future of a community is an on-going process of goal setting and problem solving aimed at encouraging and enhancing better communities through a higher quality of life. The planning process focuses upon ways of solving existing problems within the community, and providing a management tool enabling citizens to achieve their vision for the future.

The Envision Lexington section of the comprehensive plan update describes how Lexington sees itself in the future. It provides both a graphic and textual forecast of changes and improvements that community leaders and residents desire to see. In order to develop these desires, community leaders, stakeholders, and residents took part in town hall meetings, focus group meetings, online input, and a design charrette. The visioning process resulted in meaningful public dialogue and the creation of preferred images of Lexington’s future.