Lex-Plan 2013



In order to foster robust communities, cities must continually evaluate both its past trends and existing facilities. The Profile Section of the “The Lex-Plan 2013” focuses on characteristics that create Lexington. Current demographics, economic climate, housing stock, and public facilities play a vital role in the future of a community. The following data will help derive solutions to future issues that may hinder Lexington’s growth and economic development. The City of Lexington and its two-mile jurisdiction will remain pivotal to the surrounding economies and job creation in Dawson County. Officials, private citizens, and businesses can use this comprehensive plan update as a reference to its future needs. These needs can be achieved through long term planning and budgeting. Lexington’s commitment to community improvement can greatly improve the lives and well-being of the entire community. Promoting Lexington and its diverse community can be achieved with both private and public methods. For example, the estimated population may desire more diversity of housing options and job opportunities. Promotion of such diversity allows the city to become more stable while providing services and education.